Whilst I work mainly from my company’s office, I recently needed to set up a better functioning ‘home office’ which subsequently required advice & guidance from a professional IT company. I asked a few friends and colleagues if they had any recommendations. I wanted a company with a sound knowledge of Apple systems and related technology and importantly, one that was trustworthy as their personnel would be in my home. I also wanted a company that was based close by knowing that times could arise when I needed prompt on-site service.
Ben Roe from ok computers came highly recommended. So I made the call to Ben, outlined what my needs were and after several on-site visits my newly revamped home office is now working smoothly. Ben informed me that I had to purchase several items to get me up to date – as I am an absolute novice when it comes to technology I asked Ben if he could source and purchase what I needed which he kindly agreed to do. He sourced items at the best price possible which was greatly appreciated so have to say this additional service was a bonus.
Overall, I found Ben extremely easy and professional to work with – his attention to detail and follow through was faultless. His explanations were always clear & concise and I will continue to use the services of ok computers in the future and would recommend him to others without hesitation.

Marcella McAdam

After inadvertently (stupidly) deleting most of my iMac contents I rang Ben and he had me back in business in no time at all, also he gave me a number of tips to get the most out of my Mac.

Russell Heazlett

I own a small early intervention business and recently bought an imac for one of my staff to use. I found it really hard to set up the email, file sharing and wireless printer on it and was also having difficulty with similar issues on my macbook. After weeks of frustration I decided to search for someone who could come in and set it up for me. I found Ben on an internet search and after a couple of very professional and courteous emails and a phone call I decided to ask him to come out and help me. Ben was fantastic! Punctual, professional, approachable and was able to fix all of the problems I was having within a short space of time. Ben was also able to explain to me everything in laymans terms which was very useful! I highly recommend Ben for anyone needing any help with their Mac’s at home or work.

Alanna Patterson

I have recently set up an interior design studio, and moved house, and bought a new TV!
I called Ben in a slight flurry of not really knowing what I was doing, and wow did he get me organised! This guy knows his way around Mac! from installing logos onto my emails, to syncing my smart tv with all my devices. This guy makes it all fall into place. He is bright charming and affable, a pleasure to do business with…..and he gets great pleasure from teaching you how to MAC your life……..I thoroughly recommend his services!

David Rowland

Ben is the genius you need at home!
I had him help me set up the IT part of my new business . He is extremely professional and knowledgable.
I would highly recommend Ben for IT set-up with Mac and ongoing support!

A mac specialist extraordinaire.
Anything Mac, go to Ben.

Well Ben, I own a medium sized development company and a construction company with 5 key people. Ben converted us all to Apple Macs Apple iPhones and iPads all linked together, I would have to say I was very nervous about the change, Ben it was simple because you made it so.

joseph sgro

I needed my 2 businesses streamlined with regards computer functionality. My computer system was like a bunch of tangled wires. Ben managed to untangle and clear out the unnecessary ones and give us a solution for efficiency. We work with both Mac and PC , He can do anything and every thing in record time.

As someone like me who work from home and rely on the Apple products so much yet ironically don’t understand technology at all. Having Ben is critical. I highly recommend Ben to anyone who wants timely, professional and friendly services. He gave me tips and little tricks to improve my entire user experience which was totally unexpected, apart from getting my MacBook, iMac, Apple TV etc fixed.

My brother and I recently moved into a new office together and Ben set up everything for the Macs, tv and stereo. He is a genius at solving problems and has saved us from a lot of heart ache on the home front as well. We could have lost everything if it wasn’t for Ben. I would recommend him to everyone.

Anna Mayo

Ben is a Mac genius and generally awesome guy to work with. Highly recommend him!

Paula Bodel

It’s a huge weight off my mind to know that Ben is available at the end of the phone or email whenever something goes wrong with my Mac. Excellent service, outstanding knowledge and an absolute godsend.

Ben is by far one of the most professional and capable Mac specialists I have worked with. He combines great knowledge with charm and affability and I can highly recommend his services without any hesitation.

Steve Smedley

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